Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Is Rupert Murdoch A Genocidal Tyrant?

The question is provoked by his own words:
Speaking publicly for the first time about his $6 billion purchase Mr Murdoch said he was determined to get his hands on a company that would provide such a perfect fit for his global media empire.

"That's why we put such a premium on its value and why I spent the better part of the past three months enduring criticism normally levelled at some sought of genocidal tyrant," he said.
Well, there are up to a million Iraqis dead now as a result of a war that Murdoch has enabled and supported every step of the way. Huge swathes of the Iraqi population are homeless as the population divides along ethnic lines, again as a result of a Murdoch's war.

So "genocidal" may very well fit. But "tyrant"? Well, let his business adversaries and former employees answer that one!

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