Monday, July 2, 2007

Wendi Gets A Real Job

Wendi Deng finally has an official role within News Ltd - chief of strategy for MySpace’s China operation. According to the writer:
An official role at MySpace China would provide the 39-year-old Deng with her first chance to prove her mettle in the succession battle with Murdoch's children for control of the sprawling family-run media empire.
But as the recent (fluffy) Murdoch profile in TIME said:
Murdoch likes to say he has 20 good years left. His mother is 98.
The Forbes article above is pretty speculative. The writer doesn't seem to realise that News Corp. no longer has a minority stake in Fairfax, and that The Monthly has already published the Eric Ellis profile of Wendi Deng. Whatever happened to real journalism, eh?


Erica said...

hi, im just wondering if you have any idea where i can get a copy of Wall Street Journal's article on Wendi Deng which was published back in 2000?

gandhi said...


Try this link. I think that's the right one - it's definitely on this blog SOMEWHERE!